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Play Pals: Social Skills Playgroup (Level 1)

What is Play Pals?

Play Pals is a therapy playgroup fostering language development and social interactions through play!  Utilizing play techniques, One Child’s Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and  Special Education professionals work to expand language, vocabulary, and social communication skills. Participants practice sharing, turn taking, waiting and following/giving directions during structured play-based activities. They will also learn to use language to appropriately initiate, make comments, and negotiate during play routines.

 Who can benefit from Social Skills Playgroups? 

Children who have trouble navigating social settings. Many of these children may have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), speech-language delays, ADD/ADHD or other developmental delays.

How is Play Pals Structured? 

Play Pals consists of 8-10 participants and is conducted by SLP and Special Education professionals. Play Pals will meet twice a week for 60 minutes for 8-12 weeks depending on the semester.

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