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About Us

One Child Center for Autism is a therapy-based, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit serving the Greater Williamsburg area. 

Our Mission…. is to provide services and support children and families affected by autism and other developmental differences in their individual journey, regardless of financial circumstances.

We Believe… one-child-visual-tagline-w280

  1. In the Presumption of Competence:  Every child has the capacity to learn, to communicate, to assert themselves, and will be treated with respect.
  2. Every child is unique and requires an individualized collaborative approach to care.
  3. A child should not be denied access to evidence-based therapy due to a lack of insurance or financial resources.
  4. Supporting parents and siblings improves and strengthens the entire family unit.
  5. In Community: Creating a network of support for our families while helping foster acceptance in the broader Williamsburg community through education and collaboration.

One Child Center for Autism offers Speech Language Therapy, Social Skills Groups, Art Therapy Groups, and Family Support.  We also serve as a community resource for in the Greater Williamsburg area, offering informational sessions and training seminars to help provide businesses and organizations with the resources and tools necessary to have a meaningful impact on the families in our community that are affected by autism and other developmental differences.

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